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It is common knowledge that the skin is the largest and outmost organ in the  body and adequate care for it is important. When choosing a product for the make up of your skin, knowing your skin tone is the bench mark for your choice and colour tone of your make up. This article will describe the various simple test you can use to know your own skin tone.

Simple Tests to Determine Your Skin Tone

There are quite a number of methods you can use to test your skin tone and these include;

  1. Vain colour test
  2. Natural light test
  3. Sunlight test
  4. White paper test
  5. Eye colour test

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Vain Colour Test:

One of the quickest and easiest ways to know your skin tone is to look at the colour of your veins.

  • Hold up your arm and look at the veins close to your wrist.
  • If your vein colour is green then you have a warm skin tone.
  • If it is blue or purple, you have a cold tone and if you can’t tell if it is either green or blue, then you have a neutral skin tone.

Natural Light Test:

  • Stand outside or stand close to a window so you can get natural light directly on your skin in other for you to know the true colour of your skin tone. Different light bulbs can cast different colours on your skin and you may not be able to tell your true skin tone using them.
  • Also, dirty skin or a make up filled skin cannot show the true skin tone, so wash your face to get rid or dirts and make up and leave it for 15 minutes so the skin can be relaxed and the real tone can show.

Sunlight Test:

Another way is to observe how your skin responds to sun light. The amount of melanin in your skin can help you determine your skin tone.

  • If your skin easily tan and rarely burns under sun light, you have a warm or neutral skin tone.
  • If your skin doesn’t tan but burns when exposed to sun light, then you have less melanin and a cold skin tone.
  • of course, there are some exceptions, some people with dark skin may not burn easily under the sun but still have a cold skin tone. So do more tests to better know your tone.

White paper test:

This test is very easy to carry out, just take a piece of white paper, look into the mirror and hold the paper close to your face, look at your facial cast on the paper, the colour you see tells your skin type.

  • If your skin cast a yellowish reflection on the paper, then you have a warm skin tone.
  • If your skin casts a pink, rosy, or blueish-red reflection on the paper, then you have a cool skin tone.
  • And if your skin shows a  gray reflection, then you have an olive complexion with a neutral  skin undertone.
  • If it doesn’t show any cast, then you have neutral skin tone.

Eye colour test:

They say the eyes says a lot about us, well, it can also help us know our skin tone. Blueish and pale brown eyes means a cold undertone while honey brown eyes means warm undertone.

With the above described methods, you should no longer have an issue with buying the right make up products for your skin. And let me add this, all skin tone are beautiful, no matter the one you have, take good care of it, use the right products and watch it glow beautifully.


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