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Best Natural Skin Bleaching Agents

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There are so many reasons people crave for a lighter skin, some to look more attractive and others to boost their confidence. No matter the reason each individual have, one thing is for certain, they all require safety. There are lots of chemical base skin lightening agents but they have series of side effects and long term damages, so knowing the best natural skin bleaching agents with low to negligible side effects is paramount.

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Best Natural Skin Bleaching Agents

1. Lemon Juice or Orange Peel

These are natural bleaching agents and they are very rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C has the ability to slow down hyperactive melanocysts which are responsible for the production of melanin that darkens the skin.

2. Licorice Juice

This is the liquid extracted from the licorice plant. Studies show that it contains glabridin which has the ability of inhibiting the melanin production enzyme(tyrosinase) by 50% without damaging the skin.

3. Bearberry Plant

The extract is gotten from the leaves of the plant and not the fruits. It contains arbutin which lightens skin, dark spots and other discolourations. It is the natural form of hydroquinone but it is far more effective and safer. However, it should be avoided by pregnant women. This extract also protects the skin against the sun and reduces the amount of tanning from sunlight.

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4. Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is cultivated during the fermentation of mushroom-like fungi. It is very effective for reducing hyperpigmentation and skin discolouration. It inhibits the production of melanin and penetrates the upper layer of the skin thereby causing a brighter effect. It also protects the skin from sunlight and tanning but it can cause redness, so ensure to test a small portion on your skin first to be sure it’s good for you before you start using it.

5. Niacinamide(Vitamin B3)

This can be used to fade spots and lighten skin by reducing the production of melanin pigment. It helps to retain skin moisture and leaves the skin smooth and healthy. It is also not affected by sunlight so it is safe to use at anytime.

6. Lactic Acid

This is gotten from soured milk. It is particularly good for sensitive skin or people looking for mild lightening products. However, ensure to use sunscreen or protective clothing when using it for skin lightening.

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Although all these products are very effective, one should still be careful on how you use them. Check your cosmetic products if they contain the listed agents and test a small portion on your skin to know if it is suitable for you before you start using it properly. Always check the instructions on the packs and follow them accurately.


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