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3 Most Effective Natural Ways to Lose Weight

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Everyone wants to have that perfect figure and sexy look but at times we find that difficult to achieve because of several reasons. This article will talk about the 3 most effective natural ways to lose weight without any side effects.

There are so many slimming products out there ranging from tea to coffee and one can get confused about which one to buy as you don’t know the best one, well this article is not about making a choice for you, it’s about giving you a more natural method to lose weight effectively.

3 Most Effective Natural Ways to Lose Weight

1. Food Portion ControlNatural

This is by far the most effective weight lose technique. It involves reducing the quantity of food you eat at a particular time. Admittedly, it is very difficult to do but with discipline and willingness, it can be achieve and the results start being visible in the first month. The best way to do this is:

  • get a measuring cup, like evaporated milk tin cup.
  • Measure your rice, beans, garri etc before you cook it.
  • Ensure to cook something you will finish at once, if you make more, you will be tempted to eat more.
  • Do the reduction gradually so you don’t feel weak or have cravings. Start by reducing the quantity bit by bit. When you get used to the first reduced quantity, you move on to reduce it a little further.
  • Drink water to fill up any extra space in your tummy.
  • You will notice the difference in your appearance.

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2. Regular workout

Most people don’t want to hear workout because it is difficult and hard to keep up but the truth of the matter is, it is very necessary if you want to lose weight naturally. It doesn’t have to be too stressful, just few workout routine is enough.

  • Buy a skipping rope with a counter and start with 20-50 jumps daily, gradually increase it to 200 jumps and maintain it daily.
  • Do 10-30 sit ups daily.
  • Do 20-50 squats daily and do few stretches just to keep your body active.

Remember, exercising not only makes you lose weight but it keeps your healthy.

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3. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

We all know the health benefits of fruits and vegetables. The good news is, they can also aid in your weight loss journey. They don’t directly make you lose weight but they don’t also increase your weight so you can add them to your diet to reduce your carbohydrate, fat, oil and protein intake. You can eat fruit salad or vegetable salad as lunch daily. Eat things like watermelon, pineapple, apple, banana, avocado, pawpaw, carrot, cucumber, cabbage, etc. This will keep your skin fresh and healthy and reduce your visit to the doctor.

I know some people want to lose weight without stress but there are no magic tricks about it, losing weight is difficult and it requires complete willingness and consistency. Like the saying “nothing good comes easy”. So work out for the body you want and deserve and it will become a reality for you.

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