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How to Brew Aju Mbaise Herb and The Side Effects

How to Brew Aju Mbaise Herb

Aju Mbaise is a herb that originated from the Ibo tribe but today it’s being used almost everywhere in Nigeria. Because of it’s great qualities, there is  high demand of it from other countries, especially Nigerians living abroad. In this article, we will talk about how to brew the Aju Mbaise herb and the ingredients required to do it. We will also discuss the side effects that results from using this herb and how we can best avoid them.

This herbs is mostly effective for fertility, weight loss and correction of menstrual cycle. Read on to find out more details of what this herb can do.

How to Brew Aju Mbaise Herb

Firstly, get the Aju Mbaise herb from the local market or any supplier near you.

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Steps in Preparing Aju Mbaise

  1. After buying it, do not unwrap it. Just wash it.
  2. Place the wrap in a big pot and pure 2 litres of water on it, enough to cover up the herb.
  3. Add cooking spices without washing.
  4. Cook it for 30 minutes, until you notice the water turn golden colour.
  5. Sieve out the water or tea and pour it in a cup or jar.
  6. You can boil the tea the next day for better result.

How to Take the Herb

Take 2 cups of the hot brewed herb morning and night daily. Make sure it is hot and not warm because your tummy needs to feel the hotness.

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NOTE: The taste is slightly bitter but it has an enticing aroma.

You can also take the herb with the following;

  • Pepper soup (Yam pepper soup or Meat pepper soup)
  • Lime and Lemon Juice.

If losing weight is your aim, buy 4 wraps of Aju Mbaise, use 1 wrap for 1 week, you will be amazed at the result.

NOTE: Always remember to eat healthy  and watch your portion consumption. Do a little bit of work out too.

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Side Effects Of Aju Mbaise Herb

Almost everything that has advantage also has disadvantage. The key to it all is moderation. Some of the precautions to take note of when using this herb are listed below;

  • Excess dosage causes light-head.
  • It is not good for pregnant women but breast feeding mothers can take it.
  • It causes hunger
  • For women yet to give birth, drink only 2 cups  daily(1 tea cup morning and night) and stop after a month to avoid urgent menstruation.

In conclusion, this herb is very good for women. The guidelines should be followed diligently. Women at the verge of conception and pregnant women should avoid it because it can lead to miscarriage.


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