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How to Make Skin Glow Black Soap at Home

How to Make Skin Glow Black Soap

We all want to have a beautiful glowing skin, well the good news is this is not hard to attain. All we have to do is get a product that brings out the glow in our skin. Most cosmetic product have chemicals that are bad for skin in a long or short term. To be very sure of the products you use, it is recommended that you make them yourself, that way you know the exact content of  your products. This article will teach you the simple steps needed to make your own skin glow black soap right in the comfort of your home.

How to Make Skin Glow Black Soap

This is a simplified procedure on how to make your own black soap

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  • Pots
  • Bowl
  • Heater ( stove or gas cooker)
  • Turning stick
  • Plastic container

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  1. Melt shea butter with honey and coconut oil in a pot
  2. In a clean bowl, make a solution of stearic acid and rosewater by mixing them together.
  3. Break your black soap base into cubes in another pot, add 500ml of water and sandalwood powder and place it over medium heat.
  4. Keep breaking the soap cubes in the pot with a turning stick, you can regulate the heat to prevent spilling.
  5. Add the stearic acid solution in step 1 to the shea butter, honey and coconut oil mixture in step 2 above and mix them together.
  6. Pour the mixture in the step 5 into the soap base in the pot and keep stiring.
  7. Stir until the water dries up. The soap cubes should have melted by then.
  8. Bring down the content and let it cool.
  9. Add rose oil and lavender oil to it.
  10. Mix them together until the oils blend into the soap.
  11. Scoop the soap into a plastic container for storage. You can decide to add fragrance oil to it as well just to make it smell nicer.

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There you have it, home made black soap ready to use, and let me add that this soap is very rich and good for skin, you will notice your skin glow and even in complexion. This soap does not bleach and it is good for all skin types and ccomplexion.

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