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20 Benefits of Honey- Skin, Hair, Dental and Health

benefits of honey

Honey is a age long recipe use for medicinal and beauty purposes 5000 years ago by ancient Egypt. According to Scientific World Journal, Honey also contains an enzyme that produces hydrogen peroxide, a well-known disinfectant. A thin coating of honey can be applied to the skin to disinfect and heal minor skin wounds and chapped lips. Below are the renowned benefits of honey.

Benefits of Honey on Skin, Hair, Dental and Health

  1. Moisturises and soothes the skin deeply
  2. Act as pores cleansers
  3. Exfoliates
  4. Treats and clear sunburn
  5. Hydrates and tightens the skin pores.
  6. Helps reduce wrinkle
  7. Honey fades out dark circles
  8. Complexion boost
  9.  It helps creates glow
  10. It is a good recipe to slow down aging.
  11. As a natural antibacterial, it’s great for acne treatment and prevention.
  12. The combination of honey, sugar and lemon can be very good for fighting stretch marks.
  13. Raw honey is loaded with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and natural enzymes that literally nourishes the skin from the outside in.
  14. It strengthens the immune system- According to doctors, consuming honey every morning before breakfast strengthens the immune system. Honey’s antioxidants and antibacterial properties helps in fighting infection caused by by fungi and bacteria.
  15. Honey is good in healing burns and swells caused by hot metal and hot water. Apply honey on the burns daily, it heals faster.
  16. Research has shown honey treats sore throat, taking two tablespoons of honey daily is the best natural treatment for cough.
  17. The antibacterial properties of honey treats and prevents gum infection such as gingivitis. Honey contains hydrogen peroxide that prevents the growth of bacteria that causes bleeding and plaque. Rubbing honey on the aching gum causes instant relief. Honey with water is also a good mouthwash.
  18. Therapeutic- inhaling honey scents added into a cup of warm water/milk can help relieve headache or restlessness. Add few drops of honey into warm water/milk, inhale the scents and/or drink it helps one sleep better.
  19. Honey helps to maintain blood sugar and hypoglycaemia.
  20. Honey is one of the best natural treatment for dandruff and hair loss. Mix honey with extra olive virgin oil, few drops of lavender oil, Massage it into your hair, let it stay for 15-30 minutes, wash off with water extracted from boiled guava leaves. It makes hair grow, gets rid of dandruff, makes the hair smooth and shiny.
  21. Weight loss- According to doctors, taking one tablespoon of honey before going to bed helps one to lose weight faster. Mike McInnes a nutritionist said honey helps burn fat even when one is sleeping.

The above highlighted benefits of honey shows honey is a household necessity, beyond its beauty benefits, it is good for health and wellness of the body.

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